Sightings and other legal  mumbo-jumbo

A Fare Story is a Licensed LLC.


We want to give you $200!!! Here's the deal, you refer a business to us, they sign up for 90 days, and YOU get $200. There's no limit to the amount of businesses you can refer to us, so let the good times roll. We are looking forward to learning about all of the amazing things your favorite companies do.  A Fare Story is committed to becoming an intrinsic part of your business.

Terms and Conditions The agreement labeled "The Beverage" is not available for the referral program.  The Spread the Good $200 REFERRAL PROGRAM is offered only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.  Companies suggested to enter into an agreement with A Fare Story must have their physical business within the United States.  Employees, officers, directors, andrepresentatives, are not eligible to participate.  All United States Territories, Possessions and overseas military installations, outside of the United States, and where prohibited or restricted by law are not eligible to participate. All federal, state, and local laws apply.  Companies that are recommended must meet the criteria and sign into an agreement of three, six, or twelve months with A Fare Story.  The time of payout will be within 30 days after the company has fulfilled the minimum agreement term/time frame of 90 days.  A Fare Story has the right to change or cancel the giveaway at any time with or without notice.
Privacy Policy: Any personally identifiable information collected during an entrant's participation in this Giveaway will be collected by A Fare Story.  The participants/companies name may be posted to, and may be used without restriction on social media websites under the name/control of A Fare Story.  No other information such as phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other data will be shared with any other persons or businesses. All information other than names of participants will be used for the sole purpose of identifying the participant in evaluating the identity and eligibility to participate in the Giveaway.  A Fare Story will not be held liable for the loss, theft, or use of any personal information submitted through the various channels of communication either written or electronic.  Any improper/invalid use of personal information will immediately dismiss any participants entry or consideration without challenge. A Fare Story will not house/hold personal information any longer than necessary, other than to report any legal and tax information.  Offer Valid until December 31st, 2018.


We want to build your business online...literally!!!  When you sign into an agreement with A Fare Story, you get personal/local one-on-one meetings, custom graphics, photography, and an up-to-date online presence...but guess what, there's more!  Between now and December 31st, 2018, when you sign into an agreement with us, we will build you an online arsenal of content.  A business page for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and even your own business website.  We're talking thousands of dollars in savings, plus the comfort of knowing you will be maintained for the length of the agreement as well. See the A Fare Story legal page for details.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  THE following packages YIELD the business pages to be built. 1-The Beverage - A Fare Story will build the Facebook Business page.  2-The Appetizer - A Fare Story will build the facebook and twitter business pages.  3-The entree - A Fare Story will build the facebook, twitter, and instagram business pages.  4-The buffet - A FARE STORY WILL BUILD THE FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PAGES along with a simple (non-html) plug and play website through (Reference: WWW.AFARESTORY.COM).  ALL website fee's (Domain Name, yearly subscription, etc.) are at the expense of the client, a fare story is not liable for any costs of any nature in relation to building social media/web sites for clients.  Offer Valid until December 31st, 2018.