About us

In a tiny Victorian town called Port Townsend, on the tip of the majestic Olympic Peninsula, A Fare Story was conceived...

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to connect with several business owners in the food industry.  From small local businesses to large national companies, I keep hearing the same problem: They are so busy doing amazing things, that there is no time to tell everyone about it. They may be known for the services and products they provide, but rarely are they known for the manner in which they provide them.  Sure, information gets out about good deeds and practices, but we need the scope and consistency in which great companies do things to be common knowledge. 

"A lot of people know we are a co-op, but they don't know what that means", REI Chief Creative Director, Ben Steele

A Fare Story bridges the gap between consumer and company so we can help each other make positive decisions that better our future. We emphasize what differentiates just any business from a great business by spreading the good: bringing positive and factual information about businesses to the forefront of the mind.  We build beautiful and thought provoking posts, across multiple platforms that gets your business seen by thousands.  By using each specific detail about who you want as your audience, we can target the exact demographic needed to achieve amazing results.  

We are here to partner with businesses that are doing amazing things and are ready to let the world know about it. Our website www.afarestory.com will be a hub for individuals who actively seek companies that provide humane, wholesome, earth friendly products and services.  Our social media management team will make people see the good things your companies are doing and inform them of events, products, and services you provide.  Whether you have a advertising manager, an entire marketing team, or no online presence at all, we are here to help.

Spreading the Good...

I have been in the Food Industry for 20 years, with an emphasis on Natural and Organic Foods, so it is very important to me and my family to know and understand what we put in our bodies.  Without first understanding where our food comes from, we can only see a fragment of the picture.  It does not always have to be about food, but the truth is we all have to eat, so this is where it starts for us.  With so many local companies doing so many good things, we feel it is necessary to help get the word out.

Spread the Good.  Founder, Rodney Just


A Fare Story is here to make people see the amazing things their local businesses are doing.