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*Sea marine Yacht service*

SEA Marine Yacht Services of Port Townsend, WA is a full service Boatyard & Marina, providing recreational & working vessel owners with a full spectrum of services for outfitting & maintaining a motor or sailing vessel. Our dedicated staff handles a broad spectrum of services including boat storage, maintenance, re-power, refits, and full restorations on any type of boat or yacht. Our full range of services includes; Mechanical & Propulsion, Brokerage, Rigging, Bottom Paint Packages, Woodworking, Fiberglass, Electrical Repair & Installation, and marine electrical services.

SEA Marine supports the boating community through a comprehensive array of services designed to enhance our customers’ experience on the water. We design and deliver these services with the understanding that each customer’s boating style, preferences and financial capacity is unique. Our goal is to provide service in a way that provides value to our customers over the long term, rewarding employment to our staff, and financial stability for the long term health of our business.

SEA Marine provides personal service, expert advice before, during, and on completion of the work and accurate cost accounting while maintaining close communication with the customer. We stand behind our work; even with the passage of time.


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Too Cool! Ducks are mostly aquatic birds living in both fresh water and sea water and are found on every continent except for Antarctica.

Who Knew? Bison are North America’s largest land animals. Mature bulls weigh up to 2k pounds and mature cows as much as 1kpounds.

Amazing! Quail are usually solitary birds that can be occasionally seen in pairs. They gather in large flocks during the mating season.